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Steps To Take If You Discover That You Are Unexpectedly Pregnant

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Unplanned pregnancies can be very shocking, and at first a pregnant woman may not know how to react. Pregnancy is a major life event, but when a woman is not prepared to be a mother or welcome a child into the world, a positive pregnancy test can be life shattering. If you are a woman who has learned that you're pregnant unexpectedly, it is important to be proactive, both for your physical and emotional health. Take the following steps to help you deal with an unplanned pregnancy.

Visit Your Doctor

While pregnancy tests that can be purchased at a drugstore or big box store are typically quite accurate, false positives can occur. If you have taken a pregnancy test that shows that you are pregnant, it is in your best interest to make an appointment to see your primary care physician or OB/GYN. At your doctor's appointment, blood or urine tests will be done to confirm pregnancy. Depending on the circumstances, an ultrasound may also be done to confirm the age of the pregnancy. If you are indeed pregnant, your doctor can provide you with information about how to take care of yourself.

Don't Panic

An unplanned pregnancy may make you feel like your life is turning upside down. But, in this situation it is best to try to remain calm and not panic. It can be very helpful to build a support system — consider talking to a close friend or family member about what you are going through. It is not uncommon for a woman to want to keep an unplanned pregnancy a secret, but having support from one or more loved ones can make a big difference. Talking with friends or family can also make it easier for you to evaluate your options. While some woman may terminate an unplanned pregnancy, there are many who opt for adoption instead.

Seek Out Adoption Resources

In the event of an unplanned pregnancy, many women may not feel prepared for the responsibility of raising a child but are also not comfortable with the idea of termination. In these cases, adoption can be a beautiful gift for the baby as well as another family. If you are interested in adoption, there are many unplanned pregnancy resources to help support pregnant mothers. It may be in your best interest to contact one or more adoption agencies in your area to learn more about the process and also receive professional support in the way of counseling.