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4 Cremation Memorial Ideas For WWE Fans

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In the world of pro-wrestling, there are many die-hard fans that dedicate their lives to the world of sports-entertainment and more specifically the WWE. If a WWE fan in your life has passed away, then there are numerous ways you can honor them with a cremation memorial. A variety of cremation services can create urns, memorial boxes, and other keepsakes for the remains. By choosing custom designs, you can honor the life of your loved one and showcase their love for pro-wrestling and the WWE.

The Undertaker's Urn

One of the more prolific stars to come out of the WWE was The Undertaker. During his 25 years of wrestling in the WWE, he was often escorted to the ring with a large urn. If your loved one was a fan of the WWE, then you can purchase an urn that is inspired by the one the Undertaker used. The Undertaker's urn has a gold finish with small black bands that go around near the top of the urn. This is a classic design that not only represents the Undertaker, but can also make a great visual display to honor your loved one.

Wrestling Rings

A key component to enjoying the WWE is the wrestling ring itself. Often referred to as the "squared circle," the ring is essential to pro-wrestling. A miniature version of a wrestling ring can make a great display element for an urn or memorial box. Once you receive the memorial item, you can shop for a toy ring that can be used as a display piece. The keepsake can be placed in the center of the ring and really showcase the design. The ring can be customized and have additional features. For example, you can add custom text to the ring skirts that showcases your loved one's name or the birth years and death years. Black ring designs add an element of mourning and can help keep the display looking elegant while still showcasing your loved one's passions for pro-wrestling.

WWE Quotes

A number of cremation services have the ability to add custom engravings onto urns and memorial keepsakes. You can use these services to engrave your loved one's favorite wrestling quotes or inspirational catchphrases. Through the years there have been dozens of quotes infused into the minds of wrestling fans. For example, WWE Superstar Hulk Hogan had an inspirational quote that stated "Say your prayers, take your vitamins and you will never go wrong." Newer Superstars like Daniel Bryan also had the simple and uplifting quote of "Yes!" Former WWE Champion and John Cena often used the quote "Never Give Up," and it could make an ideal engraving for an urn. By finding your loved one's favorite wrestler, you can browse through quotes and catchphrases that are fitting for an urn.

Wrestling Ticket Stubs

If the wrestling fan in your life ever attended live events, then those memories can be kept inside a memorial keepsake box that also has a small storage compartment. This compartment is ideal for holding ticket stubs of events that your loved one attended. It's a great way to look back on the memories and experiences that they had while enjoying the world of pro-wrestling. Some memorial keepsake boxes may also include areas on the outside where ticket stubs can be displayed. For example, a keepsake box may have a small picture frame slot. The ticket stubs can easily be slid into this slot and create a nice visual to go with the memorial box. Other types of memorabilia can be stored in a small storage compartment as well. This includes small wrestling action figures they may have had as a child or any pictures from wrestling events or meet and greets with performers.

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