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Choosing Adoption: 4 Alternative Options to Traditional Pregnancy Celebration Events

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The nine months of a pregnancy are full of many milestones and traditions. When you're choosing adoption for your baby, the course of a traditional pregnancy can greatly change. Instead of celebrating pregnancy traditions, the process may be harder for a mother that is placing a baby. Instead of removing those traditions completely, you can replace them with alternatives that can help you cope and get through the tough situation. Browse through the following four traditions and ways you can adapt them to your own situation.

Gender Reveal Party—Parent Reveal Party

When working with an agency to place your baby for adoption, you will likely browse through various parental candidates. In a traditional pregnancy, many mothers throw gender reveal parties to showcase the sex of the baby for families and friends. Instead of this tradition, you can opt to celebrate the future of your baby by hosting a parent reveal party. By working with an agency, you can reveal the adoptive parents to family and friends. Not only will this help you build bonds with the family early on, but it can help ease tensions and nerves for other family members that may be wary about the adoption.

Depending how open the adoption will be, there are multiple ways to host the reveal. If the adoption is going to be fully open, you can invite the adoptive parents to the reveal party. At this party, the parents can introduce themselves and talk with other family members. If the adoptive parents live far away, then you can choose to host the reveal over a streaming video network or something simple like speakerphone. Not only will everyone get to know the new adoptive parents, but it can help you bond and be more open with them as the adoption moves forward.

The Baby Shower—The Mother's Retreat

When choosing adoption for your baby, a baby shower could be hard and emotional. You would likely receive clothes and gifts that you cannot use personally with the child. Instead of hosting a baby shower, you can replace the tradition with a mother's retreat. A pregnancy is hard. It includes a lot of aches, pains, and changes with your body. Get full relaxation by visiting a spa or resort for a weekend.

An adoption agency can also match you up with another mother that has already chosen adoption for her baby. By spending a few days with this mother, you can get an idea of the full experience that comes with your pregnancy. It's also a great way to bond, relax, and have a lot of questions answered.

Push Presents—Post-Birth Gift Cards

The push present is a common gift that is given to mothers just before the baby arrives. This can range from flowers to jewelry and other items that represent the baby. Instead of accepting push presents, you can ask for gift cards that can be utilized after the birth. Once the pregnancy is over, gift cards can provide a nice way to transition back to a normal routine. The gift cards can be for nights out at restaurants, movie tickets, or shopping at your favorite stores. The small gestures can go a long way in helping you through the situation.

Sip & See Party—Stay & Play Party

One of the newest traditions for mothers who just gave birth is a sip and see party. This is a party where friends and family gather to visit the baby for the first time. Instead of random people stopping over, the party acts as an easy way for everyone to visit at one time. Instead of feeling alone after the adoption process, you can hold a stay and play party for family and friends. Family and friends can visit you and help you feel supported after you have returned from the hospital.

During a stay and play party, you can treat the event like a classic slumber party. Set up blankets, pillows, and snacks for everyone. Play a collection of board games and word games for everyone to enjoy. Allow a few people to spend the night so you'll have someone there to help you through the first couple of days after coming home. The stay and play party is a great way to unwind and relax after the stressful transition.

When working with an adoption agency, it's also good to look at other alternative traditions and activities you can participate in. By keeping busy, you can remain positive through the whole pregnancy and adoption experience. Find websites like to get started.